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SeaPort Enhanced (SEAPORT-E)


T3I Solutions and our team members are proud to offer our engineering and technical services to DOD customers in two geographic zones under the SEAPORT Enhanced contract.

We have compiled a diverse team of small and medium size business with proven past performance and competitive pricing, in order to provide innovative solutions and world-class technical services.

Below are our functional strengths and capabilities:
  • Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Crew resource management (CRM)
  • Courseware development (CWD)
  • DOD training / academic instruction
  • Combat Air Force (CAF) Operations
  • Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM)
  • Integrated air and missile defense (IAMD)
  • Command and control (C2) and Mission Command
  • Electronic warfare (EW)and Cyber warfare
  • Tactical data networks (TDN)
  • Tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)/concept of operations (CONOPS) development
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)and Counter-UAS Operations

Quality Assurance (QA):

The T3I Solutions SEAPORT-E Program Manager is responsible for all contractor performance, quality assurance, and program control. To ensure customer and contractual satisfaction, T3I Solutions will implement a comprehensive performance management plan to align individual performance objectives with organizational requirements.

The Program Manager will solicit input from SEAPORT customers and integrate all feedback into contract performance expectations. Performance Management is a critical aspect of T3I Solutions' overall Quality Control Plan (QCP). This document address contract obligations, evaluation metrics, and periodic review of contract performance and will be in accordance with commonly accepted control procedures. It will also include measures to quantify performance and describe how T3I Solutions intends to track delivery of task order items.

Specifically, the QCP will address performance objectives, performance thresholds, and resolution measures if issues arise. In conjunction with the QCP, the Task Order Manager will establish specific roles and responsibilities for each employee and quantitative performance measures that align with organization priorities. These measures will be reflected within individual annual performance reviews.

Contracts (Last three years):

  • Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC)
    ICBM Crew Resource Management
    Training and Courseware Development
    Prime Contract: FA6800-14-C-0013

  • OSD Joint Test and Evaluation Subcontract
    Prime Contractor: American Systems Corporation
    Task Orders:
    JCLU Joint Test
    JTAP Joint Test
    JAZZ Joint Test
    JCI Joint Feasibility Study
    TSAP Quick Reaction Test

    JEPAC - Electronic Warfare Assessments A&AS
    Prime Contractor: American Systems Corporation / SAIC

  • 556 Test and Evaluation Squadron Subcontract
    Prime Contractor: B3H Corporation
    UAS Pilot and Sensor Operations


Points of Contact:

  • Edward Denholm

  • Dan Yang


  • 6 - Southwest
  • 5 - Midwest

USAMS Team Members:

  • Crew Training International (CTI)
    CRM/CWD, Military Training / Flight Training, UAS Operations

    Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA), Modeling and simulation, Test and Evaluation

  • Advanced Technology and Integrative Solutions (ATIS)
    Information Technology, Network Infrastructure, Tactical Datalink

General T3IS Contact:

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